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British Columbia / Sierra Yoyo Desan (SYD) Road

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On behalf of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation and Ledcor Highways Ltd, The SYD Road will raise the allowable axle loading limit to 100%, effective immediately.

All overload permits remain invalid and no new overload permits will be issued until further notice.

For further information please contact: Cassandra Rotar at 780-916-2295

Sierra Yoyo Desan (SYD) Road P3
British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines
Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

About SYD Road

The SYD Road is a strategic public resource road that is used to access critical oil and gas resources in the northeastern region of British Columbia. In 2003, Ledcor was awarded the contract to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the 180 km Sierra Yoyo Desan Road for 16 years as the Province of British Columbia’s first Public-Private Partnership (P3) Project on behalf of British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines.

In June 2004, the Province of British Columbia and SYD Road Limited Partnership entered a concession agreement, designating Ledcor to design, upgrade, operate, and maintain the SYD Road for a 16-year period. And, in October 2020, the Province of British Columbia and Ledcor Highways Ltd. signed a three-year Road Maintenance agreement to ensure the continued functionality and safety of the SYD Road.

Given the length and remote location of the road, unique maintenance challenges exist such as extended periods of extreme cold temperatures, increased risk of snow drifting and high risk of flooding in the spring. Ledcor responds to these challenges with a highly experienced, competent, and knowledgeable local workforce based out of the Fort Nelson area.

With a history of more than two decades in the area, Ledcor has developed excellent partnerships with local First Nations, including the Fort Nelson First Nation, the municipality, and local contractors in the area. This collaborative approach results in delivering a high standard of maintenance services while providing increased economic opportunities to local and surrounding stakeholders.

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